Getting Started with the Lightning Playground


Generate an Account on Lightning Playground

You will need to create an account with Lightning Playground to monitor and manage your transactions, play games and make purchases on our marketplace.


Download a Wallet App

In order to transact with our lightning network, you need to have a lightning enabled wallet. There are a lot of options available, but we recommend Eclair Wallet.

Follow the app's instructions for setup and note down your seed phrase in a secure location.


Transfer some Bitcoin into your new Wallet

Transfer around 200,000 sat to your new Eclair wallet. The wallet address is available on the "Your Bitcoin Address" tab.

On Testnet you should be able to use a faucet like Note that the coins through Testnet are of zero value and useless outside the network.
In order to create a channel with a lightning enabled node, you need a minimum of 100,000 sat. There are some additional fees involved in the process and hence makes sense to have around 125,000 - 200,000 sat in your wallet.


Open the Add Funds dialog

Click on the button on the header to open the Add Funds dialog. Choose the amount you want to add to your Lightning Playground account. Eg: 2000 sat


Copy the Node URI on the Add Funds dialog

The node URI identifies our Lightning Node and allows you to establish a channel from your wallet to this node. Once you've copied this node URI, open up your Wallet.


Establish a Channel with our Lightning Node

On the channels tab, click on the paste a node URI and enter the details as shown in the second screenshot.

The amount of 100,000 sat is a collateral paid by each side of the channel to keep it alive.

The transaction for opening a channel should take a few mins to be confirmed. Once confirmed, you can move back to the Lightning Playground to actually pay the invoice.


Copy the Lightning Invoice on the Add Funds dialog

The generated invoice carries information on the node, the amount of sat to be paid and additional metadata such as the timestamp and expiration. This helps the wallet identify and make the payment through the channel to the lightning node.


Send the payment through the Lightning Channel

Press the Paste a Payment button on the wallet and you should see the values pre-filled for you. Press "PAY" and confirm the payment.


You've Successfully Made a Payment

You should see the updated balance on your account, which you can now spend on the various options available on the Lightning Playground.