Frequently Asked Questions

Often referred to as the off-chain scaling approach, the Lightning Network is a system of smart contracts built on top of the bitcoin blockchain; Lightning allows for instantaneous and almost feeless bitcoin transactions.
Nodes are what allow the lightning network to function, and in order to participate you must run or be connected to a node. Nodes are connected to each other through payment channels using smart contracts and allow payments to pass from point A to B.
Lightning Playground is the world's first Lightning Network-enabled marketplace for apps, games and digital assets. With instant and nearly free transactions, we aspire to make Bitcoin a real worldwide used currency
The Lightning Network can support 350k+ transactions per second in comparison to 7 transactions per second with bitcoin. Transactions settle instantly with almost zero processing fees since all users compete to route payments. Lightning provides all the security and immutability of the blockchain so you will never encounter fraud, chargebacks, or deal with funds being held for reasons out of your control. Credit card and payment processors such as Visa and Square take anywhere from 2-5% per transaction and can lock your funds. Credit transactions are processed instantly because you are on credit with a centralized system, but true settlement takes a much longer time to occur.
Lightning Playground is open to all gamers, developers, businesses, merchants and organizations. If you have ever considered accepting bitcoin for your online or physical store, then our service is for you.
eclair for Android by ACINQ (no iOS support)
bitcoin lightning wallet - BLW for Android by btcontract (no iOS support)